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We are constantly opening doors to new opportunities

** All of our recruiting services are provided FREE OF CHARGE to all our candidates. **
With our unique and personalized approach Alter Ego has helped people, just like you, find their ideal job.
Alter Ego’s client list reads like the "Who's who" of all the finest businesses, everything from engineering firms, accounting firms, law firms, trade associations, commercial and industrial businesses, healthcare and pharmaceutical specialists, communication experts, high-tech companies, non-profit organizations, to government agencies - the result of many years of first-class service.
We are able to offer a wide variety of positions for all tastes and all styles.
Whether it is a permanent position you seek or whether you are interested in persuing temporary assignments, one of our professionally trained consultants can assist and guide you in your job search.

Time for a career change ?

Working side by side with you, our consultants will assist you in your career orientation. Our assistance in matching your skills to various employment opportunities available is time saving.
During your interview all of your likes and dislikes will be meticulously covered by our consultant and your completed profile will be entered into our employment matching database program. Subsequently any job that meets your interests will be presented to you
You are not alone, let Alter Ego work for you as your agent.
» Numerous interesting positions available in each employment category.
» So much more efficient than surfing the net.
» Confidentiality guaranteed.
Permanent Placement Services
Alter Ego is dedicated to assisting you in obtaining the ideal position.
Daily we explore new opportunities that correspond to your profile.

Temporary mandates are of interest to you?

Advantages of a tempoary assignment
Wide variety – Get to choose between either long or short term positions.
Explore new areas before committing to a career change – Ideal way to test the waters to see if this is the right career direction or even to discover something new and interesting.
Increase your market value – Expand your knowledge and augment work experience.
Flexibility – Work at your convenience and take time off to enjoy various pastimes. At times, working hours can even be scheduled around your studies or other activities.
A foot in the door – A temp job can lead to a permanent offer.
Let Alter Ego take care of everything!
All during your mandate you demonstrated your punctuality, professionalism and capability. Have your immediate supervisor approve your work and hours by signing your Alter Ego timesheet. every week..

It is your responsibility to email or fax this timesheet to our payroll department by the following Tuesday, noon at the latest. Your pay will be deposited directly into your bank account by the Thursday thereafter, by midnight at the latest.

The Winning Interview !

Because there are many different styles of interviews, they can be nerve-racking. Ensuring that you are well prepared for your interview and practicing beforehand with a family member or friend will dramatically increase your chances of performing well and obtaining the position.
Your CV – a reflection of your personality
At first glance, a well executed CV is :
- Visually appealing.
- Simple to read and flows nicely.
- Relevant to the advertised job.
- The right length (3 pages maximum).
- Free from grammar and spelling mistakes.
Not sure exactly how to proceed? An expert opinion would be valuable? Contact your consultant who would be only too happy to guide you in how to best reorganize your CV.
Remember: a well constructed CV will attract the employer’s attention.
Knowing all about the company
Find out as much as you possibly can about the company - i.e. culture, core business and any other activities, details on the position for which you have applied, for example the reason this particular position is open.
Your presentation – The do’s and don’ts
Dress suitably for the position. Impress your interviewer!
We strongly recommend a corporate and conservative look. Your clothes must be clean and odor free.
Maintaining good eye contact with the interviewer increases rapport.
Preparation is critical; it builds your confidence.
Speak clearly and audibly.
Stay calm and answer all questions honestly.
If the interviewer questions your answers, they are asking you to elaborate to better understand your motivation.
Never lie - this always come back to haunt you.
Questions most frequently asked during interviews
Since preparation is vital to success, consider the following interview questions and prepare answers for them.
- Tell me about yourself.
- Tell me about your current or most recent position. Describe an ordinary day.
- Why are you looking to change ?
- What functions and tasks on your job do you enjoy the most ?
- What are your major strengths and weaknesses ?
- What are your plans for the future ?
- How would your colleagues describe you ?
- What five adjectives would you use if you were to describe yourself accurately ?
The better prepared you are and the calmer you are, the more successful your interviews will be.
Good luck !